Awa Sun Yin

Blockchain | Proof-of-Stake Security | Machine Learning

Founder of Cryptium Labs, a multi-network research and engineering team that started as a Proof-of-Stake validator with strong focus on security. Previously researcher at Cosmos / Tendermint, and software engineer at Chainalysis, specialised in machine learning.


    Regulating Cryptocurrencies: A Supervised Machine Learning Approach to De-Anonymising the Bitcoin Blockchain

    Breaking Bad: De-Anonymising Entity Types on the Bitcoin Blockchain Using Supervised Machine Learning

    A First Estimation of the Proportion of Cybercriminal Entities in the Bitcoin Ecosystem using Supervised Machine Learning

    Turning Isolated Nation States into the European Single Market: The Value Behind Interoperability of Blockchains

    Snorkeling amid Decentralised Exchanges

Upcoming Talks

Date Topic Event Location
22nd August 2019 Proof-of-Stake, Security TQuorum Berlin Berlin, DE

Past Talks

Date Topic Event Location
18th April 2019 Proof-of-Stake TQuorum Paris Paris, FR
18th April 2019 Proof-of-Stake TQuorum Paris Paris, FR
23rd March 2019 Proof-of-Stake TezTalks San Mateo, US
6th Match 2019 Proof-of-Stake ETHCC Paris, FR
26th January 2019 Proof-of-Stake Tezos Blockchain Talk Seoul, KOR
30th November 2018 Proof-of-Stake BUIDL Seoul Seoul, KOR
21st November 2018 Proof-of-Stake, Tezos Tezos Tokyo Meetup Tokyo, JP
14th October 2018 Proof-of-Stake, Tezos Tezos Toronto Meetup Toronto, ON, CA
9th October 2018 Proof-of-Stakey San Francisco Blockchain Week San Francisco, CA, USA
5th September 2018 Proof-of-Stake, Privacy ZK0x02 Summit Betlin, DE
30th August 2018 Proof-of-Stake, Tezos Tezos Geneva Meetup Geneva, CH
23rd April 2018 Blockchain Research & Privacy SHE256 Berkley, CA, USA
12th April 2018 De-Anonymization Cognitive Systems Institute Group Speaker Series Zoom
23rd March 2018 Privacy ZK Summit Berlin, DE
7th January 2018 Blockchain HICSS 51 Waikoloa, HI, USA
11th December 2017 Cybercrime IEEE Cybercrime Workshop Boston, MA, USA